What to expect when you visit aashas?

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Your unhurried first visit will include a thorough and individualised assessment of your injury or problem. We will then be able to determine and inform you:

  • What exactly is the problem
  • Why you are experiencing pain or dysfunction
  • What can be done to correct it
  • How long it will take to recover
  • How to prevent a future recurrence

Your physio doctor will design a specific treatment program for you. Your treatment may include hands-on treatment, such as joint manipulation, mobilisation or manual, that only highly qualified physiotherapists can perform.

Your treatment will vary depending upon your age, sex, sport, work requirements or lifestyle. Electrotherapy such as ultrasound, interferential etc may be utilised to assist pain relief and facilitate your healing rate.

You will be instructed on specific exercises and stretches for you to undertake at home to assist in your rapid recovery. We’ll also offer you some helpful advice to help ease your pain, such as the appropriate resting positions or whether to use heat or ice and exactly for how long.

The end result is prompt pain reduction, quicker natural healing and your successful return to full activity, whether it be work or sport, as soon as possible.