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We care for you just like your family member. we transform your smile, you transform your life.

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Physio Department
SUNDAY - FRIDAY Morning 7:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M
Dental Department
SUNDAY - FRIDAY Morning 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M
We remain closed on Saturday.


Oral health refers to the health of the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue and lips and associated structures. Oral health is an integral part of general health and good oral health is important for overall q



Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated. Good comments drive us to do much better in this field and those suggestive comments help us rectify our weakness and walk ahead with strengthened motives.

Special Group Discussion

We organise special group discussion in specific topic for patient. (Sharing Knowledge is creating awareness)



best physiotherapist in kathmandu - Dr. Amir Neupane

Best Physiotherapist in Kathmandu – Dr.Amir Neupane

Dr.Amir Neupane is the founder and a core member of Aashas Health Care (AHC). He completed his Bachelors of Physiotherapy and Masters of Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Disorder and Sports Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. After that Dr.Amir returned to Nepal with the aim of becoming the best physiotherapist in Kathmandu…. Read more »

Dental Clinic in Lalitpur

Best Dental Clinic in Lalitpur

WHO WE ARE Aashas Health Care Pvt. Ltd. (AHC) is an extended physiotherapy and Dental Clinic in Lalitpur, which is committed to providing world-class physiotherapy services and advanced dental services. AHC was founded in 2016 with the ultimate objective of being the best Dental Clinic in Lalitpur. You must always make sure that you are… Read more »

wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth removal

WISDOM TEETH Wisdom teeth or third molars are found at the back of the mouth. It usually appears between late teens and early twenties (i.e. 17 and 21 years of age). Even though most of the people seem to have four wisdom teeth, some may have fewer or none. It is given the name wisdom… Read more »

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