Back Pain Treatment

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Back Pain Treatment


The most common health problem faced by a majority of the people globally is Back Pain. Ageing people are the ones who mostly experienced this pain. Since back pain creates a discomfort physically that is simply unavoidable, it would be much wiser to see a physiotherapist as soon as possible for the back pain treatment instead of consuming pain killers or putting on pain relief sprays. Back pain can also be a symptom for a serious and detrimental disease.

Back pain can be further classified into three different types – Lower Back Pain, Middle Back Pain & Upper Back Pain.

  • Lower Back PainThe medical term for Lower Back is referred to as Lumbar or Coccydynia (also known as Tailbone). This is the most common one among the three categorized back pains. It affects areas like the upper thighs, the groin areas and buttocks.
  • Middle Back Pain – It’s medical term is Thoracic Pain. It affects the area between the cervical and lumbar region. It is usually a less common form of back pain.
  • Upper Back Pain – Upper back pain affects the cervical region of the body i.e. the spine and neck. The main reasons for upper back pain is slouching and bad sleeping posture. People with upper back pain experience a displeasing stiffness and discomfort in the neck and shoulder area.


If you are suffering from back pain, it is best you consult a physiotherapist for back pain treatment to get your body back to functioning normally. Physiotherapist’s back pain treatment helps in improving and healing the functions and movements of your joints and muscles. In addition, physical therapy also reduces a high chance of experiencing back pain again. With the help of physiotherapists various methods and techniques of back pain treatment, your back will not only heal for a certain period but you will also receive advice on prevention and how to take care of your back pain.


Sometimes the only way to cure or treat a physical condition like back pain could be surgery. But a more conventional approach for the back pain treatment is to try physical therapy first. For this, you will have to visit a physiotherapy center or physiotherapy clinic in your city. A physiotherapist helps you alleviate pain and helps you to heal from injuries, for which surgery may not be necessary.

For instance, you might feel like you probably need surgery, pre-surgical for back pain treatment. physical therapy can help in better and faster recovery. Similarly, physiotherapy can also help you to withstand the surgery in a much better condition physically.


Even though surgery could help you in back pain treatment, it also carries many risks depending on the surgery type. The risks and effects include both during the treatment and afterward in the long-term such as:

  • Possibility of Infection
  • Possibility of Blood Clots
  • If the patient’s body reacts to Anesthesia Drugs, it could complicate the treatment.
  • Anesthesia also escalates heart rate & blood pressure for some patients.


Physical Therapy has now long been used as a conventional back pain treatment compared to surgery. Recent medical studies also show that physical therapy is sometimes just as effective as surgery for back pain. Hence making Physiotherapy more preferable comparing the risks between the two treatment types.

  • Various studies have shown that physiotherapy can be just as effective as surgery for lower back pain conditions like Spinal Stenosis.
  • Studies from The New England Journal of Medicine also shows that treatment of Meniscal Tears and Knee Osteoarthritis with Physical Therapy is as effective as surgery.
  • Patients who were suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome have affirmed that physiotherapy has successfully treated them.
  • Studies from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital have found that the impact of physiotherapy is as effective as surgery for patients with degenerative disk disease.

With each study on Physical Therapy being positive and helpful, the doctors now believe that physiotherapy is a gentler method of back pain treatment for the patients.


The human body is supposed to heal itself naturally with proper nutrition and physio guidance. In other words, surgery should be opted only in situations of emergency cases.

In conclusion, the doctors are now properly recognizing physiotherapy and it’s importance. Since Physiotherapy Treatment Plan can be customized as per the patient’s need, it has been widely accepted. With the help of researchers, it has been found that patients who had previously undergone physiotherapy have had a positive impact on their body since then. Physiotherapy is considered a more gentle approach towards healing the body.

If you are seeking for the best physiotherapist with highly qualified skills, we are always here for you. Our primary goal is to provide the people a more active and healthy lifestyle without the need of medication and surgery. Our physio practitioners help you create a stress-free environment for a more relaxed state of mind.

We have a team of highly skilled and licensed physiotherapists with experience of over 5 years. Our main objective being the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Nepal is the restoration of physical function and proper maintenance of physical function.


There are many different ways in which physiotherapy can help you. Here is a list of few treatments we provide for our patients

  • Pain Management
  • Osteoporosis (Weak Bones)
  • Avoiding Surgery
  • Recovery From Sports Injury
  • Recovery From Trauma
  • Paralysis Recovery
  • Dizziness & Balance Disorder Management
  • Muscle Imbalance Correction
  • Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Rehabilitation & many more.

We are always very careful with our patients, so each of our patient’s personal medical history and need for their treatment are properly looked into.